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Cloverdale Concrete Form Rentals Ltd.

Cloverdale Concrete Form Rentals Ltd. is the industry leader in concrete form rentals for a reason – our expanded services.

We proudly offer:

  • Folding Boom Cranes to 56’
  • Stinger service to 70’ (for those “hard to reach” areas) and beyond
  • The largest inventory of rental concrete forms
  • The highest quality rental concrete forms
  • Our stackable rental forms allow you to pour walls up to 25′ high
  • Twelve sizes of concrete rental forms:
    2′, 32″, 42″, 4′, 64″, 80″, 8′, 8’10”, 9’4″, 10′, 10’8″, 12′,
    We supply forms up to 12′ Or More
  • Custom form orders
  • A fleet of crane trucks with qualified & professional drivers
  • Prompt, professional service
  • Free layout plan provided with every order
  • Free estimates
  • Waler bar rental & sales
  • Forming accessories rental & sales

We also rent and sell

Anchor Bolts

Snap Ties

Quikstrip Ties

Waler Bars

Curb Stakes

Burke Clamps


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Cloverdale Forms is the right choice for the job.

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